The MYSTICS have withstood the test of time & continue to bring to their music to their fans ...To be part of the audience is an experience within itself ... a trip down memory lane for all ages! ... 

Let us go back in time to 1959. The key words here are doo-wop and harmony – light, simple & ever so beautiful. It was the late 50’s & the words were heard on the airwaves and fans sung along “Hushabye, hushabye – oh my darling don't you cry, Guardian angel from above – take care of the one I love”. 

Today 2 Original members & Doo Wop Music Hall of Famers – George Galfo & Phil Cracolici look back with pride & a new day has begun in keeping those harmonies coming. Joining Phil & George are their brothers in harmony Rocky Marsicano (formerly of Lenny Cocco & The Chimes, Jay Siegal & The Tokens, & Manhattan Skyline), & John Schena former member of the Dons of Doo Wop. 

The MYSTICS version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was featured in the HBO Soprano's Mayham 68 Series... Hushabye" was featured in the movies ..Stand by Me and Mr. Rock N Roll--The Alan Freed Story and was also featured in American Hot Wax Soundtrack 1978. 

The sound of “The MYSTICS ” still harbor the soft breezes of harmony perfection & the audience’s embrace & applause continue to shine a glow and as “The MYSTICS” continue in their quest of keeping the sounds of harmony doo-wop alive in our hearts! 

To see the MYSTICS on stage is Possible 

To forget the MYSTICS, IMPOSSIBLE!!!

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