is one of the most dynamic and versatile musical artists today. It's only coincidence that he is also a great entertainer. He plays the banjo with a smooth, lush tone and combines staggering technique with a human emotional approach that connects to anyone who listens. The roots of his instrument are in the birth of American popular and jazz music from the early 1900's. Unlike many banjoists Peter decided that those syncopated infectious rhythms and provoking melody could transfer to other genres and generations of music. Where Cole Porter crosses Paul Simon and Broadway intersects with the Beatles. The roaring 20's catches up with the psychadelic '60s. Years of taking the banjo across the world as a feature act on theater and night club stages in America, England, and Japan, music festivals and more than 50 different cruise ships have created a funny, charming and engaging performer who keeps you wondering what he will play next. He is your typical Steve Martin influenced, Maine native , donut eating, espresso drinking, half Armenian, half Greek four string banjoist. All this and he's only 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Stop everything and see and hear Peter Mezoian. With influences such as Les Paul, Irving Berlin, Eddie Peabody, Harry Reser, Bing Crosby, Stevie Wonder, Don Reno, Django Rheinhard, broadway showtunes, bluegrass, swing, ragtime, and early American popular song you'll understand why this guy isn't normal. Or maybe it's from 2 decades of touring the world on the main stage of over 50 different cruise ships, as well as theaters and music festivals in England, and the U.S. The American Song Book gets updated when plunk meets funk and Peter Mezoian jumps in leaving you wanting more and wondering just how outrageous one banjoist can be.

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