Michael Menes is a unique theatrical chameleon, virtuoso juggler, and physical comedian who’s been seen by Over 200 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE! As a contemporary vaudevillian, he performs in festivals, theaters, corporate galas, casino showrooms, schools, colleges, cirques, television, varietés, cruise lines and... you name it! When not on tour, Michael makes his home in rural Maine as the co-director of the Eureka Theatre of Comedy.


HIGH-JINKS is a celebration of physical comedy, expert juggling, and original novelty acts that is accessible, visual and highly entertaining. The show is international and transcends age, language and cultural barriers and is packed with fast-paced, nimble, visual and energetic vignettes sure to tickle and amaze any audience. Sit back, as Michael Menes (pronounced men•ness like finesse) defies the forces of gravity creating a world full of humor, finesse and visual delight! juggling circles, Michael Menes became recognized early in his career as a juggling legend through his performances at juggling conventions combining juggling with mime and dance with a musically inspired less-is-more approach to choreography. Fritz Grobe, 5 times IJA gold medalist and founder of viral internet video maker Eepybird described one of Michael’s classic acts as: “Arguably, the greatest three ball routine of all times.”

Michael went on to study theater, mime, and improvisation at the Celebration Barn Theater school in South Paris, Maine where he studied intensively with the director-teacher Tony Montanaro who was a student of the famous French mime Marcel Marceau. Today, Michael is an über-juggler and theatrical chameleon who makes his living performing all around the world. He has appeared with CIRQUE du SOLIEL on the SOLTROM SERIES for the Bravo Channel, three times on the prestigious French TV Variety Show “LE GRANDE CABARET DU MONDE” in Paris, JUST FOR LAUGHS in Montreal, and on the “INTERNATIONAL HUMOR FESTIVAL” TV Special on CCTV in China, a program that aired to over 200 million people across Asia. Michael also works for many major cruise lines including Disney, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Holland America and others.

When not touring solo, Michael performs a duet comedy show called SNAFU! with his long-time friend and performing partner Leland Faulkner. SNAFU! is in the tradition of the classic American comedy teams like Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, and Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. ( Recent SNAFU! appearances have included Seattle’s MOISTURE FEST, the Shanghai International Comedy Festival and the Bengbu International Clown Festival.

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