Barely Manilow Show: Born in the early 60's in Boston, Jonathan was raised listening to the music of the great crooners such as Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack, Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis etc., and the writers and arrangers like Miller, Dorsey, Bacharach and David, Nelson Riddle and more.  So in the mid 70's, when this tall, lanky guy came bursting on the scene by the name of Barry Manilow, a piano playing, singer, songwriter, arranger, Jonathan naturally held him in the highest esteem.  He began playing piano before the age of 4.  His first piece of popular sheet music was 'Mandy'.  His first experience in recording studio was laying down piano and vocal tracks to his own rendition of 'This One's For You' and his first concert he attended was one of Barry's.

So Jonathan's career path was an easy one to predict.  He wanted to BE just like Barry Manilow.  In 1977, the Manilow/Elgart connection was further cemented.  Barry put lyircs to a Les and Larry Elgart collaboration (Jonathan's 2nd cousins), 'Bandstand Boogie', the theme song for American Bandstand, Now, of course, Jonathan performs that song with unique sense of pride, whenever and wherever he gets the chance.

Needless to say, the opportunity to dedicate a tribute show to his teenage musical idol is both an honor and a privilege.  A venture which Jonathan hopes would make Mr. Manilow himself proud.  Of course, Jonathan admits, he is 'Barely Manilow.​  Also consider his Nearly Diamond Show 

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